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     Wear your favorite drink on your wrist with this chunky Bangle Bracelet Flask! Now you can be practical and fashionable at the same time. Never again will you have to pay for overpriced drinks at events! Just bring your own!


  • Container for liquor, whiskey, non-acidic drinks
  • Made from stainless steel and rhinestones
  • Comes with a funnel
  • Holds up to 3.38oz / 100mL of liquid
  • New laser welding technology prevents leakage
  • Available in Rose Pink

Cleaning instructions: 

  1. Pour a few drops of stainless steel oil onto a cloth and rub the surface of the bracelet flask to remove stains (Note: Do not use too much stainless steel oil lest it leaves stains)
  2. Rub it again with an unused clean cloth until the surface becomes shiny
  3. Do not use water to clean since it may take away the shine

Product Size:

Diameter of outer rim is 3.94in / 10cm

Diameter of inner rim is 2.72in / 6.9cm

Height is 4.72in / 12cm

Width is 1.34in / 3.4cm

Thickness is 0.63in / 1.6cm

Product Weight

4.13oz / 117g

Package Component

1 x Flask

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